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Daylight Medical UV Color Dosimeter

UV-C light is invisible, so how can you be certain that you’ve got the dose focused on where you need it? Daylight Medical’s exclusive UV color dosimeter sensors visually confirm exposure with single-use indicators. Each indicator irreversibly changes its color from white to various shades once irradiated with ultraviolet 254nm C spectrum light, confirming the dose spread across a surface and at various distances.

MoonBeam3 delivers a powerful 250 mJ/cm2 dose in just 10 minutes, enough for the toughest microbes. Because MoonBeam3 is able to get the UV-C dose focused where it’s needed – close to surfaces – it outperforms many UV-C systems available today. Even in shorter dose times, MoonBeam3 delivers powerful, proven germicidal UV-C light without compromise. Its articulating arms house three double 95-watt low pressure mercury soft glass emitters with patented parabolic focusing reflectors that enable control of power, reflection, angle and distance to get the dose where it’s needed. Its unique ability to position horizontal, vertical and angled in close proximity to target areas  provides enough energy to disable almost every pathogen in a 3- to 5-minute cycle and overcomes dark spots and shadow areas for a clean you can count on.

Confirm what you can’t see with our UV color dosimeter kit today.

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Two types of products are available depending on the sensitivity range required. 100 pieces/pack:

S Ultrahigh sensitivity: 1DLM-UVC-S
H High sensitivity: 1DLM-UVC-H
The color dosimeter sensors are used to confirm exposure relationship to angle and distance (irradiance) to help users become familiar with the “dose spread” and dose delivery. These sensors are qualitative and indicate approximate mJ/cm2 dose. The color range is calibrated with color gradients from 0~250 (ultrahigh sensitivity) and 0~2000 (high sensitivity).
MoonBeam3 Dosimeter Sensor

MoonBeam3 Sentry Assist Technology

As an added safety-feature, Moonbeam3 has dedicated satellite technology providing full zone infrared motion detection physically separated from the UVC sources for the most robust security available. This dedicated technology provides full zone motion detection ensuring your personnel are protected at the highest level.

The MoonBeam3 technology already includes robust integrated motion sensing both in the Base and the Remote cover. However, there may be cases where additional motion detection is desirable, such as in operating rooms with multiple access points. Sentry Assist Technology (SAT) is designed to be in the zone of disinfection as an additional user safety mechanism to terminate the disinfection cycle if human motion is detected. Each SAT device includes a 360 degree motion sensor for human movement and an accelerometer for physical movement of the unit. Additionally, the SAT is colored as high-visibility safety (caution) yellow.

The Sentry units can conveniently latch into the MoonBeam3 unit’s remote cover for storage and transport.

MoonBeam3 Sentry Assist Technology