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The versatility of MoonBeam3 allows users to position the heads to disinfect multiple targeted surfaces simultaneously and allowing maximum UVC dose to be applied. Near proximity allows time-efficient cycle times starting from 90 seconds while the individually adjustable UVC heads each generate a broad umbrella of intense UVC light creating a wide disinfection zone. The articulating heads can be positioned vertically and horizontally to direct the UVC light to broad area disinfection surfaces from six inches to more than seven feet from the ground and six feet outward.

Effective & Robust Disinfection of CDC Targeted
high-touch, high-frequency of touch surfaces

Rapid disinfection cycles and effective results make MoonBeam3 the ideal choice for on-demand disinfection and easy to integrate into routine cleaning procedures of high-touch surfaces. The high level of intensity provides fast penetration into the cells of pathogens, viruses, bacteria and spores, and renders the organism inactive achieving a disinfected surface in seconds. MoonBeam3 has been tested by independent parties and proven to achieve 3 to 5 log reductions (99.9% to 99.999%)C in harmful pathogens such as MRSA, VRE, MDR Gram negative, norovirus, and C.diff spores in a typical 180 second cycle.

MoonBeam3 Angle of Disinfection
C: Test results are from actual in-room sites, laboratory tests and clinical studies, and conducted with a wide range of vegetative and spore pathogens and by some of the best, most technically competent, globally respected subject experts. Test data is on file and if you are seriously considering purchasing MoonBeam3, it would be our pleasure to discuss it with you in detail. All results based on independent testing and results may vary.