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Of course, MoonBeam3 offers logging and reporting…Its easy Android based system logs data on the base for access by a typical tablet, and optionally, sends an email of the data… Easy. But, let’s talk about what really matters – disinfection. Getting it done, day in day out, by a widely varying cross-section of staff. Why use any particular one of the many available disinfection options?

Efficacy / Ease of Use / Price


What/Who is the competition?

Comparing Diversey’s MoonBeam3 to competition is best revealed through looking at a few key characteristics. First, who else, what else, works for disinfection? – In terms of UVC systems, a great deal of detail that describes MoonBeam3 technology, versus others, has been fairly comprehensively reviewed – see The ScienceUniquely MoonBeam3!Benefits, or White Papers. However, competition comes in many forms – and while every technology offers benefits, the pros and cons of each is best understood from a closer review and evaluation of how the technology is used in practical terms. Some of the more common possibilities are wipes, sprays, vaporizers and misting systems.

Ask our sales specialists to compare MoonBeam3 with any alternative to understand its true benefits and superior value.

Wipes and Sprays

It is important to immediately recognize that disinfecting systems are not mutually exclusive to one another, and generally, using the right combination of them can be incredibly powerful. For instance, when using a UVC system, like the MoonBeam3, it is recommended to first use a method to try to remove visible soils – i.e., wipes. Wipes may remove visible soils, but often leave areas untouched or inadequately moistened to properly disinfect. Similarly, pulls on the trigger of a disinfectant/liquid sterilant bottle have great effect on the area properly dosed, but it is also not an easy task to adequately cover the desired area. As a result, studies show challenges to proper application of these tools. (And, purely from an aesthetic perspective, while the MoonBeam3 UVC system has a characteristic smell upon completion of a cycle, arguably the least in the industry, the vinegar /chemical smell of the liquid disinfectants can be overpowering.)

Combine wipes and sprays with UVC for “bundles of success” as defined in this paper (AJIC, Best practices in disinfection of noncritical surfaces in the healthcare setting: Creating a bundle for success, Nancy L. Havill). In summary, the best result may be obtained from a range of chemicals, a UVC product (that actually gets used), and on-going education and monitoring – it makes one seriously powerful disinfection program that works.

About HPV and Mists

UVC offers a layer of protection to wipes and liquid chemicals that is needed, but what about vapor and misting systems? This is a case where the technologies are, on the surface, seemingly incompatible. You need one or the other, right? Hydrogen peroxide vapor or an ionized spray can do everything a UVC system can and more. That may seem correct on first glance, but it is clearly not the case. Vapor and misting systems can have excellent results that possibly even sterilize a given volume. Incredible, isn’t it? It is impressive, and if there is some kind of outbreak, like Ebola, for example, having a vaporizing technology may be on the short list of desirable tools. However, from an on-going, daily use perspective, the impressive results from vaporizers and misters also come with impressive expense – long cycle time, required knowledgeable effort, and, finally, equipment and consumables cost. They are great technologies, but they are not typical daily tools in your staff toolbox. With a technology such as MoonBeam3, it is readily available where it will be used -and setup, used, and ready for storage can be a ten-minute or so exercise. With vapor and misting technologies, the setup alone can take ten minutes, and that setup has to be done diligently, every time, – and after dosing there is a required chemical dissipation waiting period. Having a vaporizing or misting system is a good tool, but equipment availability and cycle time limit their practical daily overall application.

Bringing it all together

In summary, looking at the available competition, it is clear that every site should have MoonBeam3 units. It is just practical. The combination of wipes, sprays, and MoonBeam3 creates a robust, practical, daily use disinfection solution.


Speaking of ozone, UVC creates ozone (by knocking together oxygen molecules with enough energy to form a new one). Not enough to filter the UV, but enough to be useful. Ozone is O3. Oxygen is O2. Ozone has a very noticeable characteristic smell. Ozone is not a stable molecule; the extra oxygen atom wants to react with other molecules in objects. When the gas interacts with pathogens, it will damage them, that is, disinfect, just like accelerated hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hypochlorite (dissolved in water as Clorox) do. It’s the same chemical principle. So, Moonbeam actually disinfects in two ways: UVC exposure and ozone.* 

Ease of Use

It’s as easy as A, B, C… Plug it in, Position the Arms, Press Start.

Really, it is that easy. MoonBeam3 was developed with the user in mind. Sure, excellent efficacy is a must – but it has to be user friendly – and MoonBeam3 is!

Training takes less than five minutes. The intuitive nature of MoonBeam3 allows the user to generally know how to use the device, without requiring undue finesse or being exact and still attain excellent results.


MoonBeam3 is a highly effective, fast, and truly economical disinfection solution offering unprecedented ability to bring the fight to where it is needed, when it is needed.

With a price a fraction of competitive systems, and far less when purchased in quantity, the Moonbeam3 offers true portability, ease of use, and rapid disinfection whether used in an EMS, ambulance, life flight, RTA system, fire house, of hospital applications such as the patient bed area, bathroom, on the CT/MR or ultrasound console, in the OR, ER, or anywhere in the facility.

UVC is an acknowledged tool in the fight against infection, but older technology systems sell from $35,000 to well over $125,000 each and are often connected to expensive service contracts. Some solutions are on a pay per use schedule, charging $6 per cycle – and for comparison, MoonBeam3 is about .30 per cycle. That means that MoonBeam3 is 20 times less expensive per cycle even when purchased outright.

*Ozone is not the primary cleaning, disinfecting or sanitizing agent