How UVC Works

Ultraviolet energy has a unique characteristic affect on cells. When properly applied, UVC causes cells to become incapable of reproduction, preventing infection by the organism. UVC energy is an electromagnetic wave that penetrates deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA) of microorganisms. When microbes are irradiated with the appropriate dosage of UVC, affected cells are considered “dead” because they cannot replicate.

UVC is not a new disinfection technology, but it is only within the last six or seven years that it has begun to gain a foothold in medical disinfection applications. Used in air and water treatment since the early 1900’s, the more powerful and compact form factor of UVC lamps, combined with sophisticated electronic controls, now makes their use in the medical arena a valid application.

As noted by Dr. William Rutala, “Not all UV systems are equal”… We say, “Correct diagnosis, doctor!” Indeed, all systems are not created equal.  With MoonBeam3, it’s physics, my friend, physics!

UVC Mutation