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MoonBeam3 is a highly effective, fast, and truly economical disinfection solution offering unprecedented ability to bring the fight to where it is needed, when it is needed.


MoonBeam3 is uniquely designed for a variety of applications — from tight spaces to wide area — for proven disinfection of high-touch surfaces.


OUTSTANDING RESULTS! First and only 254nm UV-C system tested against live COVID with 99.999% reduction in seconds.

“New from Daylight Medical” and Unique Color ranging UV-C Dosimeters

Ever wonder how you can tell if germicidal ultraviolet light is really disinfecting your surfaces?  Meet Daylight Medical’s NEW UV Dosimeter sensors! These single-use indicators irreversibly change color once irradiated with ultraviolet light in the 254nm C-spectrum, providing you with proof that the targeted surface received enough dose kill bacteria or deactivate viruses and pathogens. Measured in Millijoules (mJ) per square centimeter, these indicators illustrate the amount of dose delivered in a targeted area by changing color as they are exposed to the UV-C light, giving us the amount of energy that’s been delivered in a space. These can be equated to laboratory studies that prove various pathogens being killed or deactivated at different energy levels received. 
MoonBeam3 RTA bus disinfection

UVC Energy Works Powerfully in Disinfection

Ultraviolet energy has a unique characteristic affect on cells. When properly applied, UVC causes cells to become incapable of reproduction, preventing infection by the organism. UVC energy is an electromagnetic wave that penetrates deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA) of microorganisms. When microbes are irradiated with the appropriate dosage of UVC, affected cells are considered “dead” because they cannot replicate.

UVC is not a new disinfection technology, but it is only within the last six or seven years that it has begun to gain a foothold in medical disinfection applications. Used in air and water treatment since the early 1900’s, today’s increased power and compact form factor of UVC lamps, combined with sophisticated electronic controls, now makes their use in the medical arena a valid application.

UVC systems are excellent additions to a robust cleaning regimen and are currently in use facility-wide for terminal cleaning and daily cleaning of patient rooms, operating/emergency rooms, bathrooms, oncology, and intensive care units. Unlike most older technology “tower systems”, MoonBeam3 is low cost and fast cycling. Its seamless portability easily enables use on every clean to standardize the disinfection process.

Every Clean

MoonBeam3 provides the opportunity to use UVC on EVERY CLEAN. Robust disinfection can be achieved in as little as 90 seconds on equipment such as stretchers and WOWs. Simple operation and portability enables staff to use MoonBeam3 on routine bathroom cleans, delivering powerful, targeted UV-C germicidal light to provide fast, on-demand broad area disinfection effective against a broad spectrum of dangerous pathogens, and is applicable anywhere COVID-19 is suspect or confirmed.

White Papers

Both laboratory and in-room target area testing results with the Moonbeam3 demonstrate its effectiveness to significantly reduce aerobic colony counts on surfaces, and provide significant log reductions in even the more challenging pathogenic spores, like C.diff.